Hitwave Alison

It’s been a great week on the Sunshine Coast.  I can’t tell you too much right now, due to possible future blog fodder (I can’t use all my ideas at once you know), but The Canadians have been here, and we have done all things touristy.

So here’s the HITS:

1.  THE WHOLE SUNSHINE COAST.  We have been from Nambour to Noosa, Maleny to Maroochydore, Bli Bli to Boreen Point, and all the ridiculously named places in between, and every place has it’s own charm and point of difference.  Imma feeling pretty blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the world, and I’m so pleased The Canadians came and went, to help me see the place through tourist eyes all over again. This joint is bloody beautiful.  You should visit.

2.  Valentine’s Day Dinner.  I’m a definite non-romantic on the day (a bit of: don’t you tell ME what to do, calendar), but this VDay we decided to have a little celebration in our ‘party arena’ with the neighbours… Plus it was fun to force some romance on Twin Two and his bride.  We may have had some wine, just to toast St.Val of course… we’re not lushes you know.

VDay table

I got my BabyMac on and made some watermelon loves

3.  Sisters-In-Law.  I have two now, and both times, within seven minutes of meeting them, I felt like I had known them forever. It eases my heart to see my brothers with such gorgeous, whip-smart, funny chicks, who fit right in to our little niche.  Smart guys, my brothers.

4.  Some fun news for the blog…. I can’t say much -because who knows what crazy ideas these kids are gonna come back with-  but I can say I am VERY EXCITED at what may happen over here in my little part of the Interwebz, in this Year of the Horse (I’m told it’s all about fast moving energy and quick decisions, and less about having a long face)… Anyway, you might, if you’re all well behaved, get a chance to read more about the behind the scenes stuff here in Asherland.   Maybe.

5.  Friends.  Just friends.

I’ve got some rippers.  Some of them are far away in Mextoria, but somehow they know just when I need a pep up.  Some are next door and open their house and their generous hearts to my visitors.  Some are people I haven’t met IRL, (weirdly), I met them on here, or Twitter, and yet I feel like they know me and I them.  Some are gallivanting around Australia, but still care about what’s happening in this little part of The Shire, and some ARE COMING TO VISIT NEXT MONTH, and then I’ll see them in Sydders just after that.

Cheers to friends.

Happy Weekened RRs

What are your hits?