Hitwave Alison

It’s been a pretty good week around these parts.  Those bloody Canadians finally went home, the weather has been cracking and I’ve watched some telly: in MKR two dickheads got kicked out, and WIN has some unreal* new local ads for me to enjoy**.

But wait, there’s more, here are the hits:

1.  This yoghurt.  Are you eating it yet?  If you aren’t, what are you waiting for?  It’s bloody beautiful.  I don’t usually like products derived from cow’s pus, but this stuff is the business.  Trust me.  They even have a coffee flavour, which sounds rank, but is strangely delish.  Get onto it.


Buy this for the family to share, then eat it yourself in one sitting. Stuff ’em, you pay the bills, right?


2.  This view.  This is what I see every time I haul my lazy arse upstairs.  Not a bad reward.  I am surprised and grateful almost every time.

Upstairs view

Check out my pez


3.  Have you got one of these babies?


Take my word for it: GAME.CHANGER.  The Canadians cooked us magnificent pulled pork in it, and since then I have cooked three meals (butter chicken, chicken curry and lamb invention) and the evil geniuses HAVE ACTUALLY EATEN THEM.  Like I said, game changer.  Whack it on at 9am and there you go.  And don’t take any notice when the recipe says to brown the meat first, it’s bullshit, just chuck it all in and Bob’s your uncle.


4.  Now don’t get me wrong here, I still think Lego is the scourge of the modern world, partly because I am scarred from having to ‘help’ make so many airplanes and boats with instructions longer than a some novels I’ve read, but mostly because a tiny piece will always get left behind, and that piece will then wind up stabbing the sensitive part of my foot.  In the middle of the night.  But this little vignette I found today tickled my fancy.  It’s a band, and I like how the back two dudes wield an axe (guitar) and a telescope (microphone).  At the front is a DJ and a drummer.  Made me smile. I guess it’s true what they say about small things…

Lego band

5.   A new app on my phone, free of course (because cheapskate) called MemeMaker I have been amusing myself and astounding my husband with HILARE memes.  Mostly about the cat (pussy jokes abound) and mostly too crook to let anyone else see, but well worth the money (which of course was no money, so #winning).



**Piss myself at

So there you go: I showed you mine, what are yours?