Hitwave Alison

Here’s the hits:

1.  Easter.  Best holiday ever.: four days, no drama, seafood on Friday, Hot Cross Buns on Sunday, chocolate, crisp mornings, great surf, music festivals and a feeling of redemption on Sunday.  A day to start over.  Especially useful if you spent NY Day with a hangover, this can be your new start.  So no matter what your preference is, I reckon there’s something for everyone.

Bunny ears- nath


2.  The blog I wrote about an Easter long ago.  Check it out in my back catalogue here.  With bonus Michael Frantil.  You might laugh if you haven’t read it, and if you have, you might like to be reminded that Michael Franti WROTE ME A SONG.


3.  Sometimes I get feedback from you guys about blog posts… And sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading along at all, but this week I got something from a TwitterMate that I’m kinda overwhelmed by.  He has always been a great supporter of the blog with RTs and the like, which I am touched by because he is not in my expected demographic I guess.  We have DM-ed each other a few times, and I know that some of the things I get all emo about resonate with him, and well as some of the stupid things the Evil Geniuses do.  Anyway, I’m gonna quote him here (he shared this on Twitter, so it’s not private):  “A week of reflection and emotions stirred by a blogger. The cathartic effect has been both intense and much needed so thankyou.”


I know this blog is basically me parping on and indulging my own narcissism, but if I am to be completely honest with you, the real reason why I show up here every day is because I want to touch people.  We all know I’m deficient in doing that IRL, so this space is a place that I hope to do it.  With this computer and these words.  Nothing else.

Table and blog

Blogging the world go by


It excites and moves me to think that I can sit here ^ at my table and make something out of air that might make just one of you out there take pause, even if only for a moment, and think.  What a wonderful internetted and interconnected world we live in.  So thanks J, your comment made a week that was a bit tricky to blog in completely worth it.


4.  Another cool thing from the internet: I was reading this blog by Iris May, and I found it incredibly moving.  I too have a kid we almost lost.  And I too find myself feeling blessed that she is here. And I too sing “You Are My Sunshine”, as well as “Little Ray of Sunshine”  (the kid is pretty yellow).  I have met the author in real life, but I only “know” her from inter-land.  So I was welling up, and frankly, on the kind of day it was, I could waded around in that mood for a while, letting it permeate my day.  Next thing, my phone pinged and I got sent a pic from a boy I loved way back when, of something that many of you would think very inappropriate (so I won’t share it here- and No, it wasn’t a dickpic)  it made me laugh aloud, and just like that, pattern interrupt, and I was back smiling and sending the pic to anyone I thought might get a kick out of it.


A good thing to remember.


5.  This nail polish set:


Gwen will never steer you wrong


I don’t always do a great job in the old make-up stakes.  Due to my advancing years and The Menopause I have been trying to do better, so I got this little OPI set on a recent trip to Myer.  It’s the business.  Glides on better than the old Cutex ever did, and (almost) looks like a professional foot job.  I might even try a hand job over the long weekend.


So there you have it… A list of great stuff in my world this week.. What are your hits?

…From The Ashers xx