Easter- a Time for Music

Easter is almost here, and that brings with it thoughts of all things musical and beachy.  The Blues Fest is on, Bell’s is on, and in my part of the world, the cyclone has passed and the forecast is for FOUR DAYS OF BLOODY SENSATIONAL.  And post-cyclone waves.

So I thought I’d be a good Mummy and get the kids some tickets to see the 2Cellos in Brisbane (from the Easter Bunny- a great excuse not to buy anything more than an Elegant Rabbit, which is a must-do tradition more than anyone really liking them).   Unfortunately, I’ve come up with two problems: firstly, the doors open at 7.30pm, and our rats go to bed by 7pm.   As I was questioning myself as to whether it’s appropriate to give a seven and nine year old an espresso as a one off, once only event (until the next time I want them to stay up all night), I found the second problem: there is only standing room tickets left.  DOH.  There is no way, kiddy-speed or no, that these two can stand for an entire show.


I was going to be the best Easter BunnyMummy in the world, and now I’m going to be a bit shit, with a pair of winter pyjamas and some scattered Red Tulips.  Spewing.

All was not lost though.  As I was on the OzTix website, I might have seen Dan Sultan is playing in Maroochydore in July, and I might have spent the entire egg allocation on tickets for myself and my love.  Sorry kids, no live music for you.  You’ve got years ahead of you, and we might die soon.

How could I resist?

Now I”m off to start emailing Dan (as I like to call him, being close friends* with a dude who used to play with him, and all) to make sure he plays Sorrowbound.  And when I say emailing, I mean emailings.  There will be many.  I do like a project.


What are you doing for Easter?

Anyone else going to Dan?

*Facebook Friends. That’s close right?  (Hi Scott, and PS if you ever tour Qld we will be there too.. Fact.)

…From The Ashers xx