Hitwave Alison

So here it comes… If life was a mix tape, and I was your DJ (which I would be, because: bossy) this is what we’d be groovin’ along to:

The Hits:

1.  FINALLY we had some rain on the Sunshine Coast.  Amazing lightning on Wednesday night, with heaps of action out to the west.  We went onto our top deck (yes it’s called TopDeck and no it’s not called BarUP, regardless of what my husband might tell you), and watched it all unfold.  I added some ‘interest’ to the sky-show by screaming with every fork.  Freaked the brats out a bit.   #winning

2.  Halloween chocolates from Aldi. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned my Aldi Allergy before, but I have it, and I can.not.go.in.there.  But I anti-histaminedd up, and got these. So YUM for cheapshit choccies.   Allergy may be waning.


3.  The excitement the kids had anticipating Halloween.  I hear all the ‘ween naysayers being all Grinchy and “it’s so American” about this PAGAN ritual, but to you, I say a big WHATEVs.  We decorated this place with shite plastic and creepy things and they LOVED it.  They didn’t even do the trick or treat thing, but went to Bunnings and yet, loved it still.  I rate you Halloween.

4.  The big kid going to camp.  I’ll tell you more about that another day, but yes he went, (he walked off on me with hardly a ‘bye Mum) and YES he is home again.  I need to harden my heart.

5.  Liam’s new electric guitar.  Some sweeeet tunes coming out of that bedroom these days. The current song to be mastered is “Joker and the Thief”… He can drum it, so we await the one man band.


The Shits:

1.  Crumbs on the floor.  How do you get there?  HOW? No wonder I love wearing shoes so much.

2.  BAS. You suck. You know it.  That is all.

3.  My new iPhone being full already.  Seriously? Is there a 64GB?  Bloody music.

4.  No Brody on Homeland.  Where is he?  What is happening?  How much more of that insipid daughter can we stand, and how many panic attacks from Carrie can I handle?  Gimme Brody, and gimme him now.

5.  Commonwealth Bank ads.  NO.  The Toni Collette one was bad, but now the singing dude? Really?

Have a great weekend…

What are your Hits?

What SHITTED you?