Hitwave Alison

Well, it’s been a week.  A short one, but a week of hits none the less.

1.  Fancy Champi with friends at Mum’s place.  What kind of (overgrown) kid would I be if I didn’t have a party (of sorts) at my parent’s place when she is away.  I only hope I arranged the cushions properly when we left, otherwise I’m gonna be busted…  Hope she doesn’t read the blog.


Note: Two glasses. Sorry fellas.


2.  Finding my old English assignment- what was then called an ‘Option’.  It is neither good, nor insightful, or even well put together (However, much of it IS excruciating).   But I do remember loving doing it, going through the process of creating something from nothing, and having free reign to do so.  It was probably about the only part of the work in my later years of schooling that I actually liked.  It is interesting to note that I didn’t recognise how much I loved to write until this late stage in life, and so instead went off doing science degrees and the like.  Which is not at all my forte.  Lucky I had my eyes on the career at the end of all the mindless biochemistry, or I would have been stuffed.  Finding it was a fun trip down memory lane.

3.  Cooler nights: not a hit, but uggies and early nights and watching telly under a blanket, well that was kinda nice.

Ugg boots


4.  This book:

Sane New World by Ruby Wax

I’m only just wading in, but it’s pretty good so far.  Intense, but good.  I think we will be great friends.  And in other news of books, one of my patients, Allison Paterson, has just completed the finals on her book called ANZAC Sons, a compilation and story behind over 500 letters sent from three brothers on the Western Front.  Gives me the shivers just thinking about it.  I can’t wait for its release (Remembrance Day this year).  A final bit of book news: you know Anna Spargo-Ryan?  Well she is one of my fave authors, and this week she sent me a bit of her novel-under-construction to read, for which I feel humbled and honoured.  As you would expect, it is wonderful.  I am by turns insanely jealous, and stupidly excited that this will soon be a thing.  Well done both of you girls, your tenacity and ability to write such a lot of words, is frankly, quite amazing.


5.   The soccer World Cup starting tomorrow morning… NAH, just joking, I couldn’t give a shit!!  But it’s 10pm, I’m tired, I worked my tiny phalanges to the, well, phalanges today and I can’t think of another hit right now.  So go Aussies, fare you well, and in another more interesting front: GO DOGS.


P.S.  For those concerned souls who have been asking, Woofa the Shitcat’s eye appears to be fine.  Over a grand later, we called enough, and just didn’t make an appointment for yet another (fifty dollar) eye pressure test.  In all my vetinary wisdom I took her off the meds, and we went about our business.  Liam and I did the ocular testing (hung a thingy in front of her eye and watched to see if it looked like she could see it, shone a torch into her eye to see if the pupil responded- being the old school type of vets we are) and she seems fine.  So fingers crossed all is well, because I don’t suppose we can go back to that vet again…


Happy Second Long Weekend if you are in Maroochy Shire (bastards), otherwise, Happy Normal Weekend.

And don’t forget to send me some of your shit poetry as mentioned on the blog yesterday.  I know you have it saved up somewhere.. Janine and I can’t be the only ones.. Can we?

…From The Ashers xx