Hitwave Alison

Here are the hits of the week:


1.  A short school week, so I got to have a grouse day of bike-riding and chocolate-cafe-ing with these two dudes. The little one surprised me with her ability to ride and ride, and the big one surprised me with how supportive he was of his little sis, with cries of “Come on Coco, you can do it”, and “Just one more hill.”  Sometimes they can be quite nice.

Day off kids

2.  Did I mention CHOCOLATE SHOP? How long has this been going on, and why haven’t I been informed? There is a chocolate shop in Noosa Junction, in plain view, and 1. It is not sold out of chocolate and 2. None of you have told me about it. (So now 1. will soon be a fallacy.)  Frankly, I’m shocked and dismayed at you all. I thought we were friends…

Anyway, I’ll give you all the benefit of the doubt, and assume that you, also, did not know about the CHOCOLATERIA. It is opposite Coles and it is delicious. They have some other pretend foods there as well, but don’t worry about that silly facade- it’s the chocolate you are here for. So here it is:

chocolate shop

Enter quickly



You can eat ALL of these



They will serve your kids this kind of stuff..


Chocolate shop

..And then their faces will look like this. (And you will be the best parent in the world..Badluck Nath.)

Go there now.


3.  Grandparents Day at school today. I feel so lucky that we have a grandparent both living and living close enough to go and be with the kids. It is days like these that I miss my Dad acutely. I wish he was here to see these little champs grow and grow. I think he would be proud of the people they are. But HOW LUCKY are we that Mum is still as awesome as ever. The little lady is a dynamo.


4.  Hello boiling hot weather! It’s going to be in the 30s this weekend… YAY! Summer is here (at least in temperature). Bring it.


5.  Coco has just came in and gleefully delivered me some bad news: that little lady I was talking about ^^^ up there was playing a brain-teaser game we have on the iPad with the kids last night. I have been the long-reining family champion at 55.

Until last night.

She got 88. So much for being old, with slow reflexes and a cloudy mind. How annoying- now I have to waste the rest of my day playing it until I beat her score. Damn.   **This is NOT a hit.**


6.  So the REAL last hit is all the generosity people have shown for Liam’s Golden Garage Sale cause. I mentioned how he got a lovely letter and donation from Tiff, and since then he also got a donation from Sue and another from Michelle. Thank you so much you lovely ladies.

I was also blown away by some of the donations on the day, many from unlikely sources. We had a various lone young blokes pop in, lured by our excellent sign-waving on the street I suspect, and I will admit I groaned internally as they arrived in their hotted up cars and muscly-tattooed arms (yes, it seems I have become that kind of old lady). Every single one of them opened their wallets and made donations, even though we didn’t have anything they wanted to buy. Restored my faith in ‘the yoof of today’.

The money is going towards establishing a safe boarding house for Year 9 girls in Ethiopia who have to travel to school, and who usually just drop out because the travel is so dangerous. Apparently the girls are often harmed, and many end up pregnant, and so the cycle of low-education continues. We see this as a wonderful initiative that will make long term changes, breaking the old patterns. And as Liam said, “If they are getting pregnant at 14 then the need to stay at school and learn a little bit about human reproduction.”


Here endeth the Hits.

I showed you mine, what are yours?

…From The Ashers