Hitwave Alison

So, in this weird week of sadness for something that has the feeling of unreality, and happiness for my own good fortune, here are the hits:


1.  Long, lazy days by the pool. It is SO HOT in Queensland right now, every day has the oppressive energy of a storm that wants to launch, so The Ashers are spending much of our time languishing. So much so that Liam has adopted a posture akin to a bodybuilder as he wants to show off his “guns” that have developed from all of the swimming and swinging on the rope catapault (don’t even ask, it is SO dangerous, I can’t even look).  Coco’s blonde hair has taken on a faint green tinge, and me? Well this old skin is like a well aged sultana. On the upside, all this lolling about has lead to me painting the back stairs and supervising the gerni-ing. I have all the good ideas.


2. Pool toys. How good are they? I mentioned in some previous blog the silly things the Evil Geniuses bought for five bucks, but oh how wrong I was. Last week I had a pool full of kids so I gently suggested the first person to do one lap up and back on those ridiculous, tippy things without falling in would earn two dollars. Kept ’em going for at least an hour whilst I caught up on my wrinkling (See 1. above)


3. The elves. This year the elves have struggled a bit to find trinkets to put inside the advent drawers, so they have gone a bit crazy, pulling the tiny drawers out and just shoving things in the general vacinity. This week they pulled out four of them and just kind of leaned a DVD on top, and it happened to be Mr Bean’s Christmas. I made the kids some caramel popcorn and they had an early bath and settled on opposide ends  of the couch (“Don’t touch me”, “No, you don’t touch ME”) to watch it. Watching them get the Mr Bean vibe and laugh, full, proper belly laughs was a balm* to my heart. They watched it three times in a row. It made me happy to see they have the same sense of humour as us- Nathan and I often, errr, bonded over Monty Python, Black Adder and The Young Ones. I’m thinking that I might try and get a copy of The LIfe of Brian tomorrow. Even if they don’t get all the jokes, I reckon the references will serve them well as they negotiate their way through a religious school. (Or not).


Mr Bean dvd

Some other friends may have come to the cinema too…


4.  Making a blood deposit (me) and a blood withdrawl (Coco). We are so lucky to live in a country where this is something that is freely available and safe. It never ceases to amaze me how selfless people can be, how generous of their time and energy, for the good of anonymous strangers. Yet again, thankyou blood donors. (Plug: call 13 14 95 to donate!)


5.   A lovely blog reader who also happens to be a friend, dropped this off yesterday!

ChooChooo bars

CHOO CHOO BARS!! Who even knew they were still a thing? I am eating one right now for breakfast (it’s Christmas, right?) They are smaller than I remember, but who cares, I have A WHOLE BOX. And they are just as delicious, and yes, as the package promises, strangely soothing… Coco and I are having a ball showing each other our black tongues. Liam thinks we are “gross”, but he’s clearly 10 going on 28 and an IDIOT… Thanks so much Suze.

And just for the record, if you are thinking of dropping presents around to my joint for no reason, I also like Veuve (Thanks Rose), money, shoes, books, money and Veuve. Feel free to go nuts.


So, in crazy and turbulent week of emotional and actual storms, what have been your hits?


*A rare and valuable balm. (Monty Python)


…From The Ashers