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I haven’t really got a blog for you today… I spent all day yesterday in a cleaning frenzy, emptying every.single.cupboard in this house and scrubbing it clean. I found things I haven’t seen in years. Glassware that hasn’t seen a drink since my 21st. Platters that we got for our wedding eleven years ago. Clothes that were at hit in the late 90s. A cam-corder that the kids said “Whoa, old school” to, that  we don’t even know how you would watch those snippets on any more. Oh, and some cockroach poo. So foul.

I am aching all over, and I think I have a minor cut that I will whinge about most of the day, yet I feel refreshed. Like I really got something done. I wish I could leave all the cupboards bare. It feels liberating, like I can be anything, do anything, go anywhere. The challenge is going to be to see if I can throw out even more of those clothes. I hope I can do it.

cut on finger

I know, it’s bad. But I’m soldiering on. I’m good like that.


In the midst of this whirlwind of cleaning, I decided it would be nice to start a new blog. My intention is to publish in the evenings. I will try to do it most nights. I have done it as an antidote to some of the horrible, skewed reporting we see in some of the papers and on the television.

It’s called Proof of Good and I hope to show some of the wonderful examples of the inherent striving of humans to do good for one another. By all means go over and check it out, but more importantly, share some of your stories, the things you have found that proves that humans are good. I think the comments section is where a blog like PoG will really come alive, don’t you? It can be our little happy part of the interwebs. I’m thinking it will be like at primary school when something gross happened, and we all crossed our fingers and yelled, “Proof!” loud enough to scare those germs right away. I imagine the isolated horrors of the world trying to get into our brains, and us screaming “Proof” right back at them. Maybe if we expand our force-field of ‘proof’ big enough, fill it with enough light and love and compassion to make events like some of those ones last week just stop. Stop.

I hope you’ll be part of Proof.

May your Monday be Marvellous, and remember to stop and breathe and ‘proof’ yourself before you go out there today… Or simply be like Nathan, my slightly deranged husband. He’s the guy you’ll hear whistling Life’s a Happy Song whilst he waits patiently in queues, gets his trolley rammed by shopping ninjas, or gets told by the manchild at Bunnings (a shop he goes to at least twice a week) he can only take “two boxes per customer mate, it’s a store policy.”

Play those Muppets up super loud RIGHT NOW.

Be happy.


…From The Ashers