Hitwave Alison

What a week!  Here’s the Hits:

1. School holidays!  Yay, to long lazy days by the tepid pool, ice-creams leaving sticky, drippy, trails down salty, sun-kissed arms and almost wet, humid air, all set to the background drone of the cricket commentary.  No morning rush to dump the kids at prison school.  No homework.  No lunchboxes.

2.  Setting up the Christmas Tree.  We make a bit of a big deal about it, having a roast and some cranberry drinks to celebrate turning on the lights.  Sweet traditions of ornaments old, and one new.  The advent drawers with a tiny gift from the Elves every night.  Let’s hope they remember to leave said gifts, every.single.night, for twenty-four nights.



3.  A day of no time constraints and no drama, sitting by the pool today at a mate’s place.  Happy kids.  Happy Mums.  Happy days.

4.  Plotting and planning all things Christmas, handing out the teacher’s presents, finalising all the other present purchases, and just basically, getting ready for the fun that is the weeks to come.

5.  Chocolate and beer.  A match made in Heaven.  The End.

Have you set up your tree? Send me a pic.  Or not.  As you wish.