Hitwave Alison- Vol 5

HIts of the week:

1.  Blood donors. “Bloody” legends.  And lifesavers.  Our life is completely different this end of the week, with Coco all topped up with the claret.  Can’t thank all those anonymous donors enough.  Call 13 14 95 to find your nearest donation spot.

2.  The music therapy lady at Nambour Hospital.  I’ve got be honest, although my face was saying “Oh yes, music therapy whilst my screaming child gets treated like a pincushion, what an smashing idea”, my head was saying, “FFS you crazy bloody hippy, piss off and leave us to our misery and our work you friggin’ lunatic.”   Turns out, she was right and (gulp) I was wrong.  The music did help.  Go figure.

3.  Oh hello coffee delivery, yes please.



4.  And to go with said coffee, check out this mug.  I have no idea what or why this was invented, but who wouldn’t want one?

Toilet mug

For the person who gives you the shits?


5.  These new shoes.  I know, I know, they’re bloody ugly, but in my other life I have a real job (No I’m not a highly successful and award winning author- who knew?) where I spend the whole day on my feet.  This week I finally chucked my old pair, and got these babies.  Just like going home.  Thanks Get Set Footwear on Gympie Terrace… (Tell ’em I sent you, they’ll give you a good deal.)



And a late entry… After my anti-bird rant, this popped up in my Instagram feed. Oh Jamie, I already love you, and then you wear this.  Not sure if its a turkey or a giant penis, but I like that you don’t look impressed. #birdssuck

Jamie Oliver

What are you loving this week?

And what do you think of Hitwave Alison?  Should I also be including my top 5 shits?