The Film: Between Me **Trigger Warning**

I used to work with a bloke whose sister, Kim Farrant is a film-maker, and I met her about nine years ago when she was making a doco called Naked on the Inside.  We met because my friend Ricki was one of the people featured in the film, and I was filmed for a bit of it.  Unfortunately I ended up on the cutting room floor.  So there goes that Oscar.  Sooo close.

Kim has made another film, and from the little bits I can bear to watch, it seems like it is her life’s work.  You see, Kim was molested by her Father for most of what should have been her childhood.  She has made the film ‘Between Me’ which is about three adults, showing the ramifications childhood sexual abuse has on them.

In order for the film to go to the next level, she requires funds to complete the package (final edit, musical score etc).  For a few more days you can donate on pozible to get this important film over the line.  If you can, go have a look at the site.

I believe this is a film that will start a discussion that needs to be had, about guilt and shame, and hopefully also, survival and strength.

If you are able to donate, there are some perks, including tix to the premiere.  It will be a chance to rub shoulders with someone who will soon be an even greater force in the movie world: Kim has just gotten the green light to make her film Strangerland, starring Nicole Kidman, Guy Pierce and Hugo Weaving.

Kim, you are one tough cookie, and I am amazed at your resilience and your courage and your bravery.  You are a shining star, and I hope that the healing you have gone through will inspire others that they too can move through terrible experiences, and move ahead with their lives.

All the love to you, you gutsy chick.


This is not a sponsored post, I just reckon this is an important project. The stats on child abuse are truly shocking.  

(Even if I am still a bit cut about being cut out of the last one)