Hitwave Alison, Volume 3

It’s been a weird week around these parts.  Some highs and some lows, so Hitwave Alison this week will also be Shitwave Alison.  My Five Hits and Five Shits.

It’s coming to you late because: no wifi worth speaking of on the open road..

The Hits:

1.  This guy.  He’s changing the tyre.  I’m drinking a beer.  And he still doesn’t get cut.

Changing the tyre

How can you smile at that Nathan? Are you a bit mental?


2.  Then he invented this:

Life-changing invention

Life-changing invention

The Ashers have boiled eggs for brekky every.single.day.  And sometimes if we are travelling we don’t have egg cups.  Which is a pain.  A first world problem of course, but still….

3.  The Chifley Apartments in Newcastle .  It was always going to be a crappy few days, but this place helped a bit.  You could do worse than stay there if you ever go to Newcastle.  Close to the Wharf area, Urban Views of pigeons, all in rows, and the way the morning sun caught the old cream coloured building across the way reminded me that the sun will rise again.  And then again.

 Newcastle Buildings

4.  The Big 4 caravan park in Bonny Hills.  If the name makes you sing “We’re goin’ to Bonny Doon” you probably wouldn’t be far wrong, but this place was amazing for the kids.  Hence it was amazing for the adults.  It has a jumping pillow, no less.  And, wait for it, a water play park thingy…. WHAT THE ACTUAL??  Apparently this is a thing at Big 4 parks.  Where have you been all my life Big 4?

5.  This kid.  Look at those lil hands.  Doing jigsaw puzzles and then making them into discos for Sylvanians.  Getting dragged half-way down the East coast for a funeral, when you really needed to be going in for your transfusion.  And saying to your Mum, “Don’t worry, I can wait until next week, we need to say Goodbye to Aunty Hayley, and play with Olive.”


And this kid.  Playing quietly by himself on his computer most of the morning on funeral day, making the most hilarious and clever video.  It made us laugh and laugh, on a day that sorely needed laughs.

The Mandog Show

The Mandog Show


The Shits:

1.  This:


Okay, okay I know it’s just a blister, but it really smarts.


2.  This crap:

Why have they trade-marked it???

Dear Hotels,

This is not coffee, nor is it proper or recommended to serve to your patrons for the duration of their stay.

They do not appreciate it.

Thank you,

All Humans

3.  Fun times in this traffic on the way home…



4. Especially when the temperature is this:



5.  I don’t really have a 5th.  But that doesn’t seem right for a whinger like myself, so give me a minute, I’ll think of something I’m sure…

Oh yeah, here it is:

Broken ipod

Bloody Apple.  Why don’t you make your stuff out of something that doesn’t bloody well smash?  We all know you can, you know you can, so just do it already.  The iRepair guy is making a fortune out of me.


How was your week?

What are your Hits and Shits?

PS Sorry some of the pics are side-on. They won’t flip for some reason…. Another Shit?

PPS This is not a sponsored post.. Unfortunately. The last Shit..?