What’s Your Type?

We are home.

There’s wifi.

And a big-arse tv. With surround sound. (And my god that tv is big.)

And there’s unpacking to do, and washing to wash and dry, and ewww brown liquid to clean out of the crisper, and cat fur to vacuum up, and lunches to make, and, and, and….

I was about you write you a blog.

But I’m on Twitter, (luckily) and the Southerners who have Daylight Savings, have reminded me that Homeland is on in a minute.

So this is the blog.

Lucky for you Kelly Exeter is so much more diligent than I.  She has done her bloggy homework, and even set you some of your own.  Even better, it’s a quiz.  About yourself.  So you can’t get it wrong.  I’m all over that.  I’m going to do it in the ad breaks of Homeland.  I’ve always been ENTJ, so hopefully there’s going to be some kind of explanation of why I seem to ‘like’ leaving my homework until the last minute.  And maybe why I’m addicted to Carrie Mathieson’s plight. And looking at funny animal memes on the internet.

And if all that isn’t enough for you, then check out THIS (Don’t say I never give you anything.)


Are you going to do the test?

What type are you?