Hitwave Alison, Volume 4

Here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the hits of the week:

1.  My new stubby holder.  I don’t mind a cleansing ale on the odd occasion, but I do NOT like drinking them nude.  This baby has everything I want in a stubby holder: pretty colour: check, skinny, so it can fit in a Corona without slipping out: check, some kind of advertising from some shit tourist attraction: check, and most of all, it has my name on it.  The line “This drink has my name on it” will be trotted out for years to come.  My Friend said it has Nathan’s name on it too, but I’m ignoring that joke.  I won’t be out-joked when it comes to my drinking accessories.

Stubby holder 2. And whilst we are on the subject of beer, I think “My Wife’s Bitter” deserves a mention. Delicious, and yes, another hilarious joke name.  If Nathan had’ve purchased it, the “Cats of Australia” might have come out, but seeing as I did, it was funny.  And mine.

A perfect accompaniment to our lazy Tuesday dinner of beef burritos (no beans) from Taco Boy at Noosa Junction. Mmmmmm.

3.  Okay, so it appears there is an alcohol theme going on here, I blame Friday night and being forced to watch Better Homes and Gardens whilst I wait for my dinner to be delivered to the table.  But check OUT this Cosmo.  Served up to me sitting on the deck at Angourie Rainforest Retreat after a gruelling week.  What more could a lady such as myself want?



4.  Tim.  I don’t know why, but this bugger Tim just makes me laugh.



5.  Home.  Glad to be back.

Do you go all “Cats of Australia” if your husband shits you?  

“The Cats of Australia have made their choice.. Snappy Tom, Snappy To-om”


PS And WHAT ABOUT the movie Jaws 2?  It’s on the telly right now, and my GOD that shark is relentless. Kids are copping it all over the place.  I may never swim in the open water again.