Hitwave Alison

The Hits:

1.  Having My Friend John and Olive here for the weekend.  Even if Friend did fall asleep after nowhere near enough beers, whilst putting Olive to bed… Still, so good to hear those kids laughing and giggling and smiling together.   Then as an added bonus, we got to have lunch with some of Hayls and John’s friends on Sunday.  Some we knew, and some we didn’t.  Lovely, yet bittersweet.  I just missed her so bloody much.  And of course wanted to get her ‘run down’ on who was who, and how they fitted in.     Sigh.

2.  The sound of the green frog (please, please, please be a frog and not a cane toad) in my down-pipe, or spouting, or wherever he is. Funny little thing must be thirsty- he’s been singing for days.  We’ve had precisely 17 drops of rain.  Yet still he sings.

3.  Grandparents day at school today.  The youngest was very excited for Nanny to take them to school, jumping up and down like popcorn.  The oldest was more reserved, and pretended he didn’t care (that’s 9 for you), but loved Nanny being there to see his classroom, and check out whatever crazy things he’s been up to.  Such precious times.

4.  Pimms and lemonade.  Need I say more?   My new fave drink for a long, hot Queensland Summer.  Lucky I have a good supply of mint.  Thank you Mr.Pimms.

5.  Today Coco came upstairs crying because Liam had called her “a penis”.  I have no idea why, but I found this immensely entertaining.  Coco was beside herself, because “it’s mean”.  Once we were able to discern that, in fact, she wasn’t a penis, I was able to get her to see the funny/ridiculous side.  I’m now waiting for Mr.Vagina to come upstairs crying….


The Shits:

1.  Another casualty in the Asher Apple Orchard.  This time Liam’s iPod.  The bloody thing literally jumped out of my handbag and onto the concrete when I was getting out my purse.  Damn you Apple and your seductive, irresistible and fragile technology.

2.  This wind. Beat it wind.  You are no friend of mine.

3.  No daylight savings.  Come ON Queensland, this bird and bright light bullshit at 4.30am is doing my head in.  It must be the menopause, but I can no longer sleep through all the rays and ruckus.  Please Clive Palmer, I implore you: save me.

4.  My sore toe.  Three weeks and still not healed.  Toe, you sir, are being ridiculous, and are impairing my shoe wearing capabilities.


I may have to be hospitalised..

(If you can’t tell, it’s my little toe.)


5.   Nonsense click-bait blog posts from women who know better.  Yes Mia, I’m looking at you.


Have a great weekend everyone.  Hope you rack up the hits and don’t get the shits..

Any plans?