My Mum Said

I wrote a post last night that may did include a comment about a person on tv that was a little bit ascorbic quite mean.

At the time of writing (11.30pm), I thought it was amusing.  To me.  Alone in my little bedroom and without anyone else reading it.  So I hit publish.  Keyboard warrior, me.

I didn’t write the post TO the person.  I didn’t provide any links to him personally.  And unless the post was to go viral, like my posts usually do (see that sarcasm again there?) he would never even know.  But that isn’t really the point is it?

In the shower this morning, I had a moment.

I thought about the target person, and then all the people who are out there, in the media in all it’s various forms, and how easy it is for some lonely, solitary dude with a keyboard and an internet connection to write mean things, even if they are a little bit funny, or a bit rude or they get that sad, unhappy dude a crumb of attention.

I wouldn’t say what I typed, in the safety of my bedroom, to that tv host IRL.  If he was a mate, I might tease him about it, but as a random stranger, no.  Not because I’m afraid of voicing my unpopular opinions, but because some things should just stay in my own head.  I’ve taken the post down, so if you weren’t fast enough this morning, you’ve missed it.  Suffice it to say, it was HILARIOUS, INSIGHTFUL and probably the post that would have seen me featured in HuffPost, and seen me ensconced as the winner of the internet for today.

If you did see it, shut up.

It is like my Mum said, “Say nice things.”

So now, instead of teasing famous people, I’m going to tease my own progeny, because that IS allowed (she says, as she ignores her Mum’s best advice).  This is what the ex-Third Smartest Kid said this morning:

Nanny: Your reading is getting really good Coco

Coco: Yes I know, I’m the second smartest kid in my grade.

Nanny:  Cool, who is the smartest?

Coco: Number one is Stella and Ben, Number two is Me and Shaylah.

Nanny: (knowing that Coco previously held the title of Third Smartest) Who is the third smartest?

Coco: All the other kids.


So, there you have it folks, NAILED IT, again.

I think the Ashers win the internet today.


Have you ever been mean on the internet?  Or is it just me? (Hold me, Love me)