Christmas Sharing

There are two things in the world I really love:

1. Being organised

2. Gloating about being organised.

I guess that’s why I love Christmas so much.  It comes (predictably) at the same time every year, and I buy for the same people every year, so it’s a no-brainer on both counts.

This year, however, point 1. has lead to my downfall.  You see, I did most of my Christmas shopping ages ago.  Bought and paid for it all, so now that all is left is the delivery of a few items.  Lovely.  Heaps of time for point 2. (which after all is my forte).  No need to get anything else.

So I was happily grooving along point 2ing for much of the day today, until Marg paid me a visit.  Marg has been making me a certain biscuity-type Christmas snack for a few years now.  They are delicious, and she makes me shitloads.  More than I can possibly eat, and I can eat A LOT.  Marg is so reliable in her delivery of these buttery, melt-in-your-mouth bics, that I have taken it upon myself to get kitted-out and ready, with quite a few tiny cello bags and cute tags, so that I can “redistribute” the shortbread when it comes in.  I bag those babies up, tag them off, and pass them off as my own.  I find the whole process eminently suitable.

However, this year for some reason- and I blame The Menopause for my lapse in concentration- I forgot about Marg’s drop off of the mother-lode, and already organised  pressies for everyone.  (Truth be told, Marg really did leave her run a bit late this year- some palaver about knee operations and not being about to drive safely, or some such piffle- so if you are reading Marg, can I please expect to receive delivery a bit earlier next year?)

So now I’m left with all the teensy baggies from last year and the biggest bloody tray of biccies you’ll ever see…

I’m nothing if not a trouper, so I’ve gone hard this arvo and made a bit of a dent in the supply, but at this rate I still won’t get them eaten til mid January.

So don’t mind me, I’m off to have an almost-midnight snack.

Pop around if you’re a bit peckish, I seemed to have “baked” a few too many biscuits.

See you 27kgs down the road.  The yummy road.


Do you “redistribute” gifts?

Did you ever get given a free coffee voucher from Zarafas in your Secret Santa and suspect it was a freebie? (Not looking at anyone)