Hitwave Alison

Here’s the hits:

Shhhh, spoiler alert: if you are one of my nieces, do not read point one.

1.  Christmas shopping, all done. How good is it once it’s all over, and you can sit back, relax, gloat, and drink things with cranberry in them?  Note to self: must remember to gloat.  We have close to one billion nieces to buy for, and this year, I was saved by GreenB the best clothes ever for Summer, or so the young people tell me.  There’s even a singlet called Ali and some shorts called Coco.  So clearly: they got style.

2.  Hangin’ out with my offspring today in the sunshine. We had a grouse morning, walking over to the Chalet, sitting in the sun, eating ice-cream and refining our Santa wish-lists.  Yes people, they HAVE CHANGED THEIR BLOODY SANTA LISTS.  WHAT THE ACTUAL?   Refer to point 1 above.  Parents=0, Evil Geniuses=1

3.  Friday night tv.  I’m kidding.  It’s not a hit, it’s a SHIT.  A massive poo in an otherwise lovely relaxing aromatherapy bath.  What is going on, television?  Why is Dannii Minogue now a judge on a modelling show?  If she gets a gig commentating the cricket I’m moving to Greenland.

4.  In other excellent telly news; in watching the ads on Friday night tv more avidly than the actual shows, I have discovered that SYTYCD is coming back on.  I have no idea when, but I know that I will love it.  I can’t tell who the judges are from the promo, but my boyfriend Jason better be on it, or there’s gonna be trouble Channel whatever.  You’ve been warned.

5.  THE LONG APRON restaurant in Montville.  I’m writing it in caps lock, because OHMYGOD.  We went there for lunch on Sunday and I must tell you, for the love of all that is sweet and pure, you simply have to go there as soon as you can.  Run, don’t walk.  It’s all kinds of magnificent.  I will give you a run-down in a post next week.