Sorry, but I think your beliefs are a bit shit (because they aren’t mine).

Our personal beliefs are a funny thing, aren’t they? They are so much a part of us that sometimes we can’t see past them. And we think that others will think the same as us, come to the same conclusions, if given the same information. And I guess that sometimes happens.

And yet so many other times it doesn’t. Hence the reason for so many wars in life and on Facebook. But that knowledge doesn’t seem to stop us from trying. From presenting our beliefs, trumped up as information, in the hope that others will join us in our world view. I suspect it might be because having more people on our team makes us feel more right. Safety in numbers and all that. Just like all the despots in history.

Recently I had a conversation with a lovely lady who has strong religious beliefs, and follows a particular faith. I couldn’t tell this just by looking at her of course, it was revealed in the progression of our chat, when I mentioned that my daughter has regular blood transfusions. My comment was pertinent to what we were discussing, however it wasn’t imperative that she comment on it. At this juncture, however she chose to let me know that her religious beliefs forbade blood transfusions, on the basis of some scripture in the Old Testament. I admit I didn’t quite catch the rationale, but it was something to do with blood being from source, from god, and only for god. I think it was that only god can be in control of the blood. (Disclaimer: I may be misquoting here.)

I asked if she could eat red meat which contains blood, she said she could, as long as it was bled. Whatever that means. Because red meat still has red blood in it, doesn’t it?

I asked if she could get a transplant which contains blood, she said she could, as long as some of that blood was squeezed out of it. it wasn’t imperative to get all of the blood out, just a certain percentage.

So it kind of sounded to me that some of the blood has the god bit, and some of it doesn’t, given that she was allowed to have some of it, just not all.

I wondered aloud where the god bit was, in the blood, as blood doesn’t have DNA, like, say, all the other cells of the body. So where  could it be hidden?

I wondered what would happen if someone accidentally got the god bit of the blood and not the other, human bit. (Seeing as percentages seemed to be kind of important. Who knew that scripture was so full of maths?)

She didn’t say.

I told her that our daughter could die without transfusions.

She said, “Yes.”

Then quietly, “Perhaps.”

I said I thought that sounded a bit shit.

She said, “Perhaps, but it would be god’s will.”

I said I thought that god sounded a bit shit then. And that he shouldn’t have invented blood transfusions. Or tiny little seven year old kids with Pyruvate Kinease Deficiency who need blood from wonderful donors, and who could die without it. If god didn’t want to share the blood around, that is.

She didn’t say anything to that.

But she did give me a couple of pamphlets that she happened to have on her, with a useful website to clarify it all.

They look a bit shit.

I reminded her that our kid could die, not pamphlet dead, but real dead, if she didn’t get transfusions.

She nodded.


And I don’t think a shit pamphlet would help that much.


…From The Ashers xx