Wanna be in my Gang?

Isn’t it a magical thing when you meet someone new, and you just click?  Slide on into a groove.  Sometimes it can be like you’ve always known them.  And you can even be from completely different backgrounds and continents.

What is that?

I’d love to know.

Is it common interests, similar sense of humour, shared tastes?

I don’t know about you, but I know that it doesn’t seem to happen that often, but when it does, it’s profound.  I find there’s a weird settling in period, where you think you’ve found something special, a little seed that will grow into a friendship, if you give it the basics, but you don’t know if the other person has the same sense.  So you shimmy around each other a little, testing out the ground, seeing if this new little sprout will take hold, or if the elements will sweep it all away.

I know I can be a bit strange to other humans at times, but it takes everything within me to stop myself from coming over like a Kindy Kid: Do you wanna play with me, and be my friend?  Wanna be in my gang?

It would be much simpler if that was socially acceptable, don’t you think?

Perhaps I’ll try it.



What about you, how do you make new friends?

What makes you click with someone?

…From The Ashers xxx