Winter Is Here

Well it has taken ten days, but alas, today it has happened.  Winter has come.

It is a mere 22 degrees here today, with some windy type of wind that people are saying is a westerly, but I don’t believe them.  Wind this cold must come from Antarctica.  Or the Arctic.  I’m not that good at geography, but I’m almost certain neither of those are in the West.

Anyway, like I said, it is 22 and I am SHIVERING.  Even worse, it appears that there will be a low of SIXTEEN at some stage in the next 24 hours.  If my weather app is to be believed there will be a low of THIR-FRIGGING-TEEN by this Saturday.  I know, I know, how can human life-forms be expected to thrive, or in fact, Iive in conditions such as these?  Normally I can give you an ever so smug pic from my top deck of the sea, but today you get this:

Sunrise Beach in Winter

It’s bloody windy


A quick snap through my filthy salt-encrusted window because IT IS TOO COLD TO GO OUT.  The 22 will give me a cold burn in seconds.  I know you’re used to me bringing you the very best in intrepid journalism, but I just can not.  Can you see the little blip in the photo?  That’s a dude setting up a kite or paraglider or something.  Idiot.

So I’m working my frozen little fingers to the bone in my proper job today, and still I’m not thawed.  Between patients I’m wrapping my hands around steaming mugs of tea with a lemon squeeze (I told you I was cold, I think I can feel something coming on..) whilst I click away, with two heaters blaring.

So strap yourselves in Regular Readers.  For those who know me, you will be aware that there will be much whinging and tantrum-like behaviour, well, actual tantrums in fact, over the drop in the mercury.  I haven’t blogged through a Winter yet, but I fear that it won’t be upbeat, and it won’t be fun.  For any of us.  So, if you are game, get ready for the wild ride that is Alison in Winterland.  Things could get ugly.

At least we can remember this: some “new research” has found that shivering for ten minutes can burn up as many calories as an hour of moderate exercise.  And who am I to scorn “new research”?  Please excuse me now, I’m headed outside with this Veuve.  And perhaps I’ll just add a little ice…


Do you like Winter?  What are your fave Winter Survival tips?

…From The Ashers xx