Time Travellers

We had a bit of a drive ahead of us this afternoon, and the Big Bad Bruce is very long and very straight.  So the “tired” adults who had had ample refreshments the night before, needed something to amuse themselves.  The Evil Genuises had “How much longer, what time will we be home, are we there yet?” on high repeat.  Of course.  When I’m tired.  Evil Genius 2 had just looked at the clock on the dash for the seventeen thousandth time and noted it was 2.09pm.  Two minutes since she last looked.  A cunning plan was concocted from the front end of the vehicle.  I distracted them by getting them to look at “more boring cows” as Nathan turned MissXtralia2013 into a Delorean.  Swiftly and without delay, he changed that clock to 1.54pm.

Within a minute or so EG2 looked at the clock again.





Much whispering and muttering and hushed clock-watching ensued.

They are still talking about it tonight, wondering what on Earth happened.  This is despite Evil Genius One wearing a watch.  With the correct time on it.  So you can see that I use the term “Genius” fairly loosely.  I’m thinking that we might save this little glitch for that exact part of the Bruce Highway forevermore.  Maybe call it the BerNambour Triangle or something.  Just to reinforce the phenomenon,  we are going to watch Back To The Future on movie night this week.  Their brains are gonna explode.  (And I can watch a sweet bit of MJF, if you don’t mind.  Nath can see a cool car.)


Other things we did to amuse ourselves this day:

  • We reminded them it was Monday, and took them to school this afternoon.  Pretended we were going to drop them off. They were squealing.  I think with laughter.
  • Showed them some clips from ‘Gremlins’ and told them that Mogwai are real.  They want one for Christmas.  Should get that Macbook taken off the list, so Santa can bring something of his own choosing.
  • Told Coco that when she has to do a reading at a school thing this week that the teachers will think it is really funny if she says “meow-meow, meow, meow-meow-meow” instead of reading her part.

So all in all we had a productive day.  Looks like the week ahead is shaping up to be a ripper.


How was your weekend?  Did you tell your kids any good stories?

…From The Ashers xx