Your Thing

I’ve had a week of watching and listening to people do their “things”.  You know, that thing that they love love love to do, so much that they will do it without pay, or at least without much pay.  The thing that makes them wake up early in the morning or stay up late at night.

Funnily enough, the “things” that many of them were doing were stuff I hate: exercising, inspiring others to exercise, cooking, dancing, public speaking, completing tax returns*.  So even though I think they are idiots, because those things are clearly annoying, and should be put off at all costs, I’ve been getting a kick out of listening to what they like about their “thing”.  Seeing what happens to their faces when they tell me about their thing.

If you read my blog from yesterday, you’ll know that I had less sleep than usual last night, and I can feel that my shoulders have crept up a little bit, as I plan and wait and limp through this next week or so, with an impending sense or doom, until Coco gets her transfusion.  Today is my day off, my Maintenance Monday (stealing your term here BabyMac), where I get some dinners cooked for the week, maybe do some lunch-box baking, clean the house, make those phone-calls, pay some bills.  All the things it’s just easier to do flying solo.

Today by 11am I had sat in on school assembly, been to the shops, done two loads of washing, put away the dishes, got dinner prepped, and vacuumed upstairs, when I realised: none of this crap is my thing.  Not a one.  (Unless you count crossing things off lists, because that is definitely my thing.)

Sorry Maintenance Monday, but you suck.

Instead, I am going to do my thing for a while.  Which of course is: move out to here:

My "office".  Catches the breeze, it does.

My “office”. Catches the breeze, it does.


Drink one of these:

A little pod of goodness, right there

A little pod of goodness, right there


And write this.

Because, this is my thing.  And I love it.  Thanks for coming on over, and reading along on my thing.


What’s your thing?  When did you last do it?


*I shit you not.  My accountant actually likes doing that.. And I know another weird accountant who reads this blog (and shall remain nameless at present until she reveals herself in the comments section below), who does it on the weekends.  Shocking ‘eh?



…From The Ashers xx