Unit Two has just started violin lessons.  Yes I know: NERD ALERT.

So you can imagine our wonder and relief when My Friend John posted THIS on the Book of Faces yesterday.  Okay, so they aren’t violins, but they’re close enough.  Our ragbags were freaking out… Unit One was stamping and air drumming.  Unit Two was air-violining.  (Yes, unfortunately in our house, this is now a thing.)

Why doncha fire up your Apple TV, turn up the surround sound and watch these two crazy crowies rock out.  If you have time, and are feeling all romantic, watch With Or Without You.

I wonder if those dudes got laid afterwards…?


Here endeth the blog. (Sorry it’s a short one, but I have to go and watch the bi-atches on MKR)



Are you watching MKR? (I swear, this is my last night)