You’re Not Welcome Here Cancer

I don’t really feel like writing a blog right now.

I just got some news that someone I care about has cancer.

Another one.


My Dad died of cancer.

Nath’s Dad died of cancer.

Nath had cancer.

Nath’s sister had cancer.

My Aunty died of cancer.

Two of my mates died of cancer.

Two of my patients died of cancer.

Another three of my patients had cancer.


Someone told me the other day that one in two people will have cancer.  I’m not sure if that’s right, it seems like quite a lot, but maybe it is, and maybe that’s why it feels so personal. Regardless, I’ve had enough.

So right now I’m gonna go give my sleeping kids a kiss, sit on my couch, hug my cancer-free husband, watch some Top Gear on the teev, eat some chocolate, drink a beer, and think about how lucky I am that my worst ailments are a blister on my toe and a bit of a sore finger that I suspect might be a bit over-worked. (Even though they are quite sore)

And cancer? You can fuck right off.