Sweet Ride

Everyone in our family has a bike.  Some people* have more than one, and if you count the likes of trikes and Green Machines, I think we have more bikes per capita here at The Asher’s than most bike shops.  Everyone has ’em except for me.

I found a bike on the side of the road with a “Free” sign on it last year, so I took that rust-bucket home with a plan of doing it up.  I didn’t get much further than streamers for the handles and some new Spokey Dokeys.  The moral of this sad little tale is: don’t pick up crap from the side of the road, it is there for a reason (the reason is, that it is a piece of shit).

So today, in the interests of being able to go on a family bike ride on something other than a bright pink balance bike, I got this baby:

The Sweet Ride

The Sweet Ride


And I bloody love ‘er.

No confusing gears, no need to tuck forward like I’m on the Tour, the most comfy, non-wedgie-inducing seat ever invented, and she has a STAND.  She can sit there, all pretty, happy to be gazed upon, without leaning on anything.  Self-sufficient she is.  As I looked at her lovingly I didn’t even care if I never rode her.

Until I rode her.

She has BACKBRAKES.  I haven’t ridden a bike with backbrakes since about 1981.  They RULE.

Check out that seat!

Check out that seat!

I couldn’t find a helmet cool enough for my pin-head at the shop, so I had to do the maiden voyage with my cranium all naked and unprotected, old-school style.  It felt amazing.  Wind in my hair and all that shit, but I gotta tell you I haven’t felt this young since, well, since I was last on a bike like this.

Check out the selling points:

  • trendy (As if I didn’t know.. Please note, I will now be using the word trendy until it becomes, um, trendy again)
  • compatible with sandals (I hope that means nice, woven, Roman Sandals).

I shall be veritably promenading on this beauty.

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My advice to you, this day is:

1.  Get yourself one of these bikes

2.  Get yourself my husband**, or avail yourself of the $16.50 assembly fee… She was a bastard to put together AND she was missing a part, so I had to go back to the shops and get another, which wasted valuable coasting time, and gave me the shits.

3.  Get yourself one of these bikes.

4.  Forget to ask “Does my bum look big in this?”  (It does)

Don't even say it

Don’t even say it

Bum size notwithstanding, best 150 bucks I’ve spent in ages.


What should I call her?

Do you love a comfy bike too?

*Spoilt brats I tells ya.

**$16.50 would be cheaper than my husband. He is has expensive tastes.


logo_heart_3.pngNote: This is not a sponsored post, but Big W, if you’re reading, you know, feel free…